Stem cells for life - exhibition overview

The interactive exhibit "Stem cells for life" provides information on the current state of stem cell research and stem cell therapies. Each website is accompanied by a poster. This allows the exhibit to be accessed at any time or place, in both print and digital formats. For teachers and science communicators: The posters can be downloaded and printed out free of charge.

Stem cells for life
What stem cells can do for medicine.
Blood and leukemia
How stem cells have saved lives for decades.
A disease caused by stem cells?
The skin and skin diseases
Stem cells and our largest organ
Blindness and visual impairment
Blindness and visual impairment
New treatment methods thanks to stem cells
Heart disease
New perspectives thanks to stem cell research
Parkinson’s disease
Parkinson’s disease
Mini-organs from the laboratory
What is research allowed to do?
Ethical concerns associated with embryonic stem cell research